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Allow us to be your go to for Data Migration, Process Automation, and Firm Management

Management Consulting

An efficient and effective law firm requires people and information to work together. While this seems basically simple it is a major challenge.

Beacon’s approach is to listen to your needs and concerns and then provide detailed analytics from your finance systems to show how you can set and achieve your goals.

Management Consulting

Process Review & Automation

Working efficiently is not only cost effective, it is a great morale booster for your back office.  We will look over your processes, review your reporting, and examine your daily and monthly procedures and workflows.

Beacon’s low-key interfacing with your staff will stimulate them to uncover new opportunities for improvements.


System Migration

We can help you with system selection to fit your specific needs.

We’ll then assist you in cleaning your data, closing old inactive matters, and getting things in balance. We can also participate in the data mapping meetings with your vendor to assure all your data ends up migrated, validated and available.

Let Us Light The Way To A Brighter Future For Your Firm

We specialize in...

  • Process Automation
  • Project Management
  • Firm Management
  • Professional Reporting
  • Data Mining
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