An efficient and effective law firm requires people and information to work together. While this seems like a basic concept, it is a major challenge. Part of the burden is on the lawyers and especially the partners and shareholders. Of course, their first focus is on helping their clients. You want to win the litigation, make the acquisition and resolve the dispute. This must be done without forgetting that a law firm is a business. There is no long-term benefit to successful legal work if it is not profitable to the firm. Each engagement must be staffed with the right blend of expertise to leverage the best value for the client and the firm.

You also must make efficient use of available data. Don’t use your billing system as just a posting machine for your timecards and invoices. Leverage the data to make smart choices about client relationships and staffing. Manage client invoices and track collections before they fall into an uncollectable timeframe. Match up your cash disbursements to your cash receipts.

Beacon’s approach is to listen to your needs and concerns and then provide detailed analytics from your finance systems to show how you can set and achieve your goals.


Doug Weiner

Chief Solutions Officer

Doug has more than 20 years of experience in developing actionable management reporting and analytical tools for law firms. He has assisted numerous law firms in improving their collection cycle (docket to pocket), accounts receivable management and partner performance analysis. His solutions are designed to be powerful, flexible and fit the exact needs of your firm.

The focus of Doug’s work is to provide the right amount of information to the right people on a timely basis. Focusing on actionable items helps your attorneys and management better manage their daily workloads and their client relationships.

Doug’s prior experience includes managing financial systems at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, McCarter and English and Holland & Knight. In a consulting role, he has provided services to over 25 law firms, helping them better leverage the power of their financial software.

While on staff at law firms, Doug ran the New York, New Jersey and Florida Elite Users Groups and has presented at various conferences. He received his BA from Brooklyn College.

Angela Roark - Fran
Fran Gonzalez
David Gallagher
Sharon Cordon

Fran has worked for or been associated with the Elite System (aka Thomson Elite) for ~30 years.  Prior to her work with the Elite Financial Systems, she worked at, and managed law firms, in Los Angeles, giving her the experience to tackle all the accounting – and political – issues that arise in that workplace. A stint with a different software company provided her with a background in relational databases and SQL.  Fran graduated summa cum laude from Woodbury University with her BS in Business Administration and Accounting, giving her the professional chops to accompany her practical experience.  Fran has a joie de vivre that is infectious, and has helped many a client enjoy her presentations.  Working with her is not just informative, but also fun.

After almost 30 years in the Legal IT and Finance industries, David has a unique skill for breaking down complex business problems into a series of technical prerequisites and then motivating people to deliver them.  His specialties include a list long list of things, among them are leadership, alignment of IT strategy with business needs, financial and business analysis, project management, solution design and specification, business process design, database design and development, third party systems integration and implementation.  David provides Beacon’s clients with outstanding expertise in the Aderant platform, desktop dashboards and the intricacies of the law firm world in the UK and Europe.

Sharon is the Template Guru Extraordinaire for Beacon. If you have a custom billing template or Proforma, there’s a good possibility Sharon created it.  Sharon spent 15 years as the Accounting Supervisor for Lewis and Roca and then another almost another 15 years working for Elite as a Template Consultant.  Her area of expertise is in billing, (superbill, standard Elite, and even visbills), Proforma, and check templates (accounts payable and trust).  When it comes specialized situations requiring unique customization, Sharon has been able to step in and create even the most complex template.  She has even come to the rescue when it came to the use of printer capabilities such as logos, special fonts, etc.  For those that may have the inclination to take on the mysteries of the template language, we can tell you, you would will save yourself time, money and endless frustration by simply putting it in the capable hands of Sharon.

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